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Fife Economic Strategy 2017-2027

The main documents defining Fife’s Economic Strategy are:

  • The Fife Economy Partnership, and their Economic Strategy for 2017-2027.
  • Tourism is a major sector, documented in detail here.
  • This document from the KnowFife Partnership Hub describes the economic profile for North East Fife.
  • The Adopted FIFEplan, including a section for Cupar. The plan sets out the planning policies and proposals for the development and use of land across Fife.


Fife Leader – The Communities of Fife have benefited from rural development LEADER funding since 2000. The 2014- 2020 programme has £3.4 million to allocate to projects covering the rural areas of North East and South West Fife. The programme supports community projects, rural businesses and farm diversification.